The state of being ‘I AM ENOUGH’


Life has its highs and lows, twists and turns most of which we cannot control. Allow us to help you soar through life’s experiences with Inner Balance, Peace and Contentment.
Santosha Mindful Living

Don’t let circumstances or other people around you define who you are or how you react. Free and clear your mind by focussing on the ‘self’.

Give yourself the opportunity of becoming the best, strongest, most confident version of yourself, inviting joy and contentment into your life.

Have you always wanted to achieve mindfulness, but don’t know how?

Allow us to guide you toward practicing mindfulness, inner freedom and clarity

Santosha is a sanskrit word meaning:

Content . Satisfied . Complete

An empowered mind helps us be:

What our clients say

Thank you so much Sherin for sharing your time and knowledge with us today. I suffer with extreme anxiety and depression and found your session today nothing short of amazing. I truly would not have changed anything. You touched on diverse strategies and ways of being and that I really appreciated. You spoke with intention and confidence and I believe many people will benefit from this. Thank you again!


(Montessori Casa)

Ms. Sherin was/is a wonderful Mindset coaches. Each session, she brings her genuine, positive and knowledgeable teachings to empower each individual. At the end of each mindset coaching session with Sherin, my colleagues and I always feel relaxed, in tune and more balanced. Thank you Ms. Sherin for your talent and knowledge you share with us.


(Oaks and Acorns)

It was wonderful to be and it seems I had a lot of thoughts during “Finding Inner Balance”. It’s hard for me to practice creating inner balance “A-I-M” but it seems it works for me. I would like to continue to practice how to create my space and invite myself. Thanks, it was a wonderful time and I hope to see you soon.


(Montessori Casa)

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