Mindful Courses

An Empowered Mindset is Possible

You can command your thoughts, instead of letting them run you. 

Santosha offers several Mindset Courses that will help you practice mindfulness and achieve inner freedom and clarity. We also provide Mindfulness Courses that will help you build your skills as a professional, parent, or caregiver.

How Can a Mindset Course Help You?

Monkey mind or mind monkey, is a Buddhist term that means:

unsettled . restless . capricious . whimsical . fanciful . inconstant . confused . indecisive . uncontrollable

unsettled restless capricious whimsical fanciful inconstant confused indecisive uncontrollable

Imagine that in your mind is a monkey who interrupts you, controls your thoughts and keeps you from achieving your goals. 
While Monkey Mind can bring benefits, when uncontrolled it can cause havoc in our thoughts! It can be challenging to quiet the ‘Monkey’ or see things through a different lens. The monkey’s constant nagging keeps us distracted from finding long-lasting peace and focus.

How Can You Gain Control Over Your Inner Monkey?

Our Strategy is simple: AIM for Santosha!
A – Airflow and Awareness
I – Intentions
M – Meditative and Mindful Movement
Santosha is to be Content and Complete no matter what! It is a choice you make! See Our Programs!

Achieve a Growth Mindset

Are you looking for ways to build emotional resiliency and a positive attitude when faced with challenges? Whether you need this for yourself or to help a child in your care, fostering a growth mindset brings many benefits. 

This is not something we are born with and needs to be fostered. A growth mindset is a gateway to a world full of possibilities. With the belief that you can do anything you put your mind to, nothing can stop you from achieving your goals and living to your fullest potential.

What Is A Growth Mindset?

Growth mindset is a term that was first coined by Dr. Carol Dweck, a famous psychologist, and mindset expert. She found that a growth mindset is a state of belief that any skill can be mastered through dedicated effort and practice. This means that with practice, anything is possible. 

This is contrary to what is known as a fixed mindset, where individuals believe they are born with a particular skill set and that’s what they have to work with for the rest of their life. So, in essence, there is no need to work on any skills, aside from the ones inherent to you.

These beliefs are established in early childhood. If a child develops a fixed mindset, they will likely stick to a specific skill set, sharpening those skills and not others. This belief that there is no point in learning any new skills can be a huge hindrance to development on all fronts.

If you are stuck in a fixed mindset, we can help! Our workshops are meant to help you live not just mindfully, but with an empowered positive mindset that creates a world of unlimited possibilities.

Our Mindfulness and Mindset Courses

Achieving an Empowered Mindset

Have You Always Wanted To Achieve Mindfulness, But Don’t Know How?

Allow us to Guide You Toward Practicing Mindfulness to Achieve Peace and Focus 

  • Mindful breathing and movement
  • Self-reflection exercises
  • Once a week mindfulness coaching session to help you establish and create mindful habits
  • Guided visualizations for mental, physical, and emotional healing as well as stress relief

Don’t let life circumstances or other people around you define who you are or how you react. Free and clear your mind by focusing on the ‘self’ 

Give yourself the opportunity to become the best, strongest, most confident version of yourself, inviting joy and contentment into your life.

This Course Will Give You Tools that will Help You:

  • Elevate your life and feel fulfilled, calm, and directed
  • Feel more secure and less victimized
  • Renew your self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Free and clear your mind, focusing on the self instead of the circumstances
  • Make a more meaningful connection with yourself and achieve better health and vitality

Leadership Mindset Course

Powerful leadership begins with a strong mindset and habits for success. This course provides tools to foster self–awareness and unlock the potential for authentic interactions both within and with those around. You’ll also develop the confidence to respond to situations – key ingredients for strong leaders!

Personal & Professional Growth For Educators

Each one of us is a leader, whether at home or in our roles at work. Effective leaders can motivate, handle responsibility, and respond to unexpected situations with grace. In today’s ever-changing world who doesn’t need these skills? 

This course is for educators, supervisors, administrators, and professionals who wish to:

  • Elevate their mind, body, and spirit well-being
  • Practice sharing their thoughts and emotions with stability
  • Bring out their best selves throughout the day

Fostering Emotional Awareness in the Early Years

This interactive course is designed to help caregivers implement skills and design activities that help children recognize, understand, and name their emotions. Additionally, you’ll learn to interact with children empathetically, and in a safe non-judgmental manner.

What Are Emotional Awareness & Mindfulness?

Emotional awareness is the ability to perceive, recognize, and understand emotions.

Mindfulness means being aware and conscious of the present moment.

Both emotional awareness and mindfulness provide the base for developing emotional intelligence skills.

How Can Emotional Awareness & Mindfulness Help Children?

The purpose of this course is for caregivers to learn skills that support children:

  • Understand their emotions
  • Recognize and validate their emotions without judgment
  • Communicate emotions using words 
  • Recognize their emotional needs 
  • Lay the foundation for emotional resiliency and emotional intelligence

Benefits of Emotional Awareness & Mindfulness:

  • Helps build positive relationships with yourself and others
  • Develop self-control, self-esteem, and self-confidence
  • Builds a deep respect for your individuality and uniqueness
  • Set the foundation for clearer communication and an improved ability to express your feelings
  • Helps you understand the emotions of others, fostering empathy
  • Connects and lifts your spirit

Achieving an Empowered Mindset

Leadership Mindset Course

Sign Up for a Mindset Course and Transform Your Life!

You can achieve your goals. Changing your mindset and achieving mindfulness invites a world of possibilities into your life. Live life feeling whole and calm, no matter what life brings! We invite you to live life with newfound confidence and direction. Send us a note to learn more about our life coach and mindfulness coaching services.

What our clients say

“Wonderful experience with Ms. Sherins’ workshop on “Finding Inner Balance” at work. I know whatever I learned from this workshop will be beneficial to carry them not just at work but for everyday life.”


(Montessori Projects of Alberta)

“I felt in peace, clear, grateful and happy. Breathing exercise helped me to have inner mind balance and learn how I can have a win-win with the child/teacher.”


(Montessori Projects of Alberta)

"Sherin, thank you for such a beautiful session today. I connected deeply with your teachings on mind set, and the tools and resources you shared were very helpful. I appreciate your energy and the work you are doing to help humanity."


(Montessori Casa)

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