Why I set it up

A Note From Your Coach
Anxiety, emotional highs and lows and a poor immune system were my second nature for over a decade until I found, understood, studied and practiced the Mind, Body, Spirit connection,

It was amazing to experience what a little bit of self care and self work can do! My emotions and reactions were rooted in 'Fear'!

My career as a Montessori Early Childhood Educator was already grounded in deep understanding of ‘the spiritual development of the child and teacher’. I now began seeing profound connections unfold in my work in ‘Montessori Education’ and my new found interest in ‘Mindfulness’. Most importantly, I recognized that both these paths merged as one notion; for children or adults to be in their natural state of being ie. content, calm, happy, satisfied. 

My calling was clear! I was now to help others evolve to a place of more clarity, peace, self love and joy. I asked for divine intervention and lo and behold! Courses and certification appeared in no time and gave me the credibility to allow for this expansion of my career.

In the interim individuals from all walks of life began seeking my coaching and whether it was relationship, health or situational related issues, it was evident my tools and strategy were helping them all. My uncanny intuition of the human psyche along with my previous decades of experience working with adults and children created a unique offering of services. Requests for group and individual coaching came to my doorstep. It was time to make this official…

Throughout my life, a couple of my friends would notice my disposition of being content despite the upheaval in my life. They called me ‘Santosh’ in Indian language meaning ‘Content’.
Thus the birth of Santosha – might I say out of wedlock! Ha ha! It is true! No plans or goals, no intentions – only a legitimate child of ‘Divine Source’. I followed the universal plan as it unfolded and here we are…

Welcome to 'Santosha'

Contentment . Completeness . Inner Peace

Contentment Completeness Inner Peace

May you find all this and more…

Mission of Santosha

Santosha Mindful Living was founded in January 2021.

Its mission: 

“To inspire children and adults soar through life with balance and power”

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